Vaginal stenosis

Ok y’all I never did anything to combat vaginal stenosis(it’s been 7 years since treatment), but now I’m considering doing something about it. Is it too late?

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No it is not. I had PT about 4 years ago and I am almost 11 years out of treatment. It was somewhat successful. I had a very good physical therapist who made an uncomfortable situation as comfortable as possible. Good luck!
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What do the physical therapists do to help the situation?
Wow. Can I ask how you find the right PT?
My gynecologist recommended her.
External and internal massage. Lots of scar tissue internally. She made an uncomfortable situation bearable.
Thank you so much!
Good to see you, Happy 7 years too! I'm no help with your question, but hopefully you will get lots of input! X
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I think it’s worth trying PT for sure. I’ve been working on this for over 3.5 years and it’s been a journey but much improvement.
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Try to find a physical therapist who has experience in treating pelvic floor issues.
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Thank you. Have you heard of many people having surgery for this?
No, I haven't.
I was referred to a pelvic floor PT who evaluated my stenosis and showed me several sets of vaginal dilators so I'd know the feel of each option. There's a wide range of materials used and some are more flexible and comfortable than others. I elected to use the Intimate Rose ones and as my stenosis wasn't too bad, started in the middle of the range. You also need to understand your goals - just having a pain free vaginal exam, sex with a known partner of a certain size, etc. With the Intimate Rose set of 8 dilators, most men are in the 6-7 size category, and that's as far as I took it. Pelvic exams have been okay and no longer painful. Good luck to you.
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I stopped going to my oncologist after my first exam after finishing treatment. Don't know if I would recommend that for anybody else as I've wondered a million times if any cancer has come back. I've tried to eat a plant based diet.

I feel the chemo did weaken organs in my body.

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