Do any of y’all wear wigs. I’m considering it. Have some hair loss along my hairline and it looks a little funny. I would like to look more normal.

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Did not need a wig...the only hair I lost was "bikini line!" Have a friend who definitely did. See if there is a local cancer group that offers wigs...
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I had a wig for a little while. It was a really nice one that my insurance paid for!! I lost most of my hair. I found the wig to be very uncomfortable so I only wore it a few times. I mainly had on chemo caps. At that time I was having hot flashes every 10 to 15 minutes. The cap was easier to take off and on a lot. The insurance paid for it because the doctor put it through as a prosthetic.
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I lost nearly all of my hair over 90% just a week or so into kids were most afraid of this happening as it makes you look like you have cancer and I had long hair to begin with. So I made multiple appointments around town to try on wigs and get a consult, after hours of trying on wigs I was convinced I needed one made of real hair because I would be wearing it for a year plus. I spent $1600 on a beautiful wig and I wore it maybe 5-6 times. It was a huge financial mistake. I realized it made me feel super uncomfortable and I chose to wear hats from that point on until it started to grow in and I got a pixie cut. You may not be considering doing something like this but I thought I would share nonetheless! I made an emotional decision and didn’t really think it through. I should have purchased something far less expensive and given that a whirl first! But everyone has their own feelings on all of this 😊.
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My hair thinned but did not lose it
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If there is one thing I’ve learned through our shared cancer it’s you need to do you. If wearing a wig is what you need then do it. I support you in whatever you choose!
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I bought two wigs prior to chemo but never wore them. Instead I used Batiste dry shampoo plus with coloring effect to cover bold spots. I've lost about 70% of my hair. After the chemo, I got hair a lot of better than it was before.
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Good idea (why didn't I think of that:D) and mine is better now.
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I lost a lot of hair and it had been very thick and past my waist. I ended up cutting it 3 weeks into treatment to save our vacuum. I had a bald spot during summer that I wore hats to cover. It’s all grown back but now I’m dealing with unruly curly thick short hair. I was trying to start growing it out but couldn’t stand being a poof head. I still hate having short hair but I’m going to have to adjust and live through the awkward stage at some point. Hats are a lot easier and cheaper than wigs 😊. Hang in there!
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My hair only thinned a bit with anal cancer. Lost most of it when I had Hodgkin’s. I just wore hair very short.

Did you start biotin?
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I’ve been on biotin for yrs. I do believe it helps the hair grow back faster I’m still on it. My sister in law lost her hair. She bought pretty silky scarfs and wore as a wrap. She always looked nice.
I bought a wig when I had chemo for Hodgkin’s but never wore it.
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I would suggest something along the lines of what Helen said. Most states do have places to get these items, usually free; because of what you will read from folks that try them. Call around to your local hospital groups, or ask you health providers. (Breast cancer groups have the most organized resources) The people that do end up liking wigs really well, sometimes wear them the rest of their lives. There were too many other things to cope with to bother with hair. However with a product called "Living Proof; 5 in 1"(bought online) it's grown back with vigor. It took 9 months out, to stop falling out, but started growing back at about 6 months out; Meaning is that I never lost it all at once, the grow back was 1.5 inches the ending of fall out.

What ever you do; treat yourself! I remember reading a story, from our Michele, (above) told, about buying sunglasses, when I was in treatment; and I incorporated that frame of mind; luxuries, if you can find them, are very healing.
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My husband bought me a halo wig to wear under a hat or cap, but I never wore it.
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I am losing a lot of hair this weekend. Maybe just a major thinning, or not. Still have another chemo so who knows. I don't think I want a wig, but I have given myself permission to change my mind! I am going to do whatever makes me feel good and you should too!
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Rosemary American Cancer Society will give you a wig. Go to their website for the number(I don't have it off hand here) they will take all your info and get you in contact with a local volunteer to meet with you. I got mine last week and going to my beautician for her to shape it up for me.Right now I'm wearing scarves and turbans, plus my sister crocheted me a few winter hats. I lost all my hair in my first round of chemo, going to do my second round this week. Whatever you decide,prayers to you. Sandy
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i've never looked why start now!

i say that whatever makes your it.

That’s cute
My hair grew back thick as ever, so I can't get my wigs on comfortably, even with a cap. Which is a bummer, because I would like to wear the short curly one once in a while. I could use a toupee down below though, lol
A clever hairdresser could be an answer, might have a solution for you. Do what makes you feel great! I'm getting braces (!) on Thursday, the lower teeth are moving at this age. It's probably gonna be me and a bunch of teenagers in the office :) Never too old to look good, I say!
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Thanks Tyndall. Boy it’s great to be alive and living, isn’t it???
Hi Rosemary, I say wear a wig if you want, or not. My sister, mom and two female cousins all wore wigs from time to time during their hair loss days. But, my sister said wearing wigs was irritating. The good thing is that wigs have come a long way. And, you can get a good looking, natural like one for a little of nothing. Beauty supply stores have the best prices, as does online wig websites. You are beautiful with or without.
Though I too had complete hair loss I decided not to buy a wig because the ones that give you a normal look are too expensive and the cheaper ones look stupid. As my original hair was greyish, one can't find anything close to it so I abandoned the idea and instead wore scarves. Most of the other ladies who had bought wigs swore they could use them only 2-3 times as they are irritating and itchy. As time pass people around you kind of accept the changes in your appearances and don't pay too much attention.
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