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Ok people I have not gotten the vaccine because I felt like my organs had been compromised with the chemo and radiation for my anal cancer. Can I ask how many of you have gotten the vaccine.???

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I’m 6 years out and I got the vaccine with no side effects whatsoever - have had worse flu shots. Hope you can get it with ease too!
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Thank you Julie. That makes me feel better.
I got it! 🙋🏻‍♀️
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Thanks guess I need to get it
I as well am 6 years out and I got the vaccine with no side effects.
You will be fine. So few side effects from this one.
Oh I forgot, I had a dime size bruise, green in color.
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I got it and have had no real side effects etc…just a little sore all over day 2,, and my arm was sore after both shots. It was a breeze and now I feel so much better / safer. 🤗
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Still be careful. I had a family member fully vaccinated and he got the Delta strain fully blown.
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I got the vaccine in May with no side effects.
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I got it and hubby too. He had no issues whatsoever, (of course!), but on shot #2 I had the shakes about 12 hours later. And a backache. Honestly that bed was shaking like one of those old time coin operated vibrating beds in a motel, haha. My husband said why didn't I wake him so he could enjoy it too. No fever. Got up at 2am and took Tylenol, next day I was fine. This was my immune system being shaken awake! We had Moderna, btw. My older sister who is being treated for Bladder Ca had it, some icky feeling issues for 24 hours. Her husband same thing. Hope this helps. X
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Got the vaccine...and also earlier the shingles vaccine. I think the concern about compromised immune systems/organs relates to patients actually undergoing treatment or just finished...
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I’m three years out, have chronically low neutrophils and wbc but got it anyway. No reaction at all. So if they offer a third shot, I’m getting it!
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I got it and made my arm feel sore and had no side effects. Some side effects are totally normal though. To confirm, please consult with your PHYSICIAN. :D

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I am just over year out of treatment, received the Phizer vaccine and really no major side effects. The second shot I just felt “ like I was coming down with something “, but that only lasted 1 day.
Hope we all have helped you .
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I got my shots. I got pfizer and the only side effect I had was being a little tired after the second shot! Even with that I wasn't sure if it was the shot cause I am always tired! Lol
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Hi Rosemary, I am in treatment for a recurrence of cancer now in my liver. I got both shots, had no problems at all. I had the Astra Zeneca shot. I feel much safer now it’s done, hope you get yours soon.
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Thank you everybody. Still be careful. My brother got the deltra strain bad after being fully vaccinated. I went to Walgreens yesterday to get the vaccine praying that God would open the doors that needed to be open and close the doors that needed to be closed. The line was so long there was no way I was going to wait. So I came home. I’ve been having chest pains. Went to the mountains last week and they seem to heal me. I am so ready to go back. Thank you all . I love this group
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It is heartening to at least hear that folks were waiting in line, in Florida we cannot give it away, and it is causing a lot of problems. Please talk to your doc about those chest pains, Rosemary. We care about you! But I get the going to the mountains, it sounds lovely, wish I could! But any kind of nature is soothing to our souls! Love you!
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Love you too Tyndall
I had HNC (tonsil, 2012) and I was vaxxed with both shots of Moderna. No side effects to speak of. I’m mask-free at the moment because PA was one of the few states with no increase of cases but now it’s creeping up again from Delta so I may begin wearing one again. My friend was getting chemotherapy and preparing for stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma when she got Phizer vaccines back in January and she’s great. Made it through stem cell and is on day 70; when she reaches day 100 she has to have all childhood inoculations all over again.
I am almost 13 years out and got both Moderna shots, the 2nd one on March 8th.
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I could not wait to get it for the same reason...compromised from the treatments and would possibly die from the virus. I was NOT going to have gone through all that to be taken out by some virus! Please get the shot, I had NO side affect at all and my counts are still on the low side. Please get the vaccine.
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Thank you Tom
I have. Moderna vaccine
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My oncologist advised me to get it,I'm 2 years NED and I had no side effects except for a sore arm for a couple days. You should be fine,oh I had phizer shot.
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I'm 8 years out and I got the vaccines because I felt like I was immuno compromised. Two rounds of the Pfizer vaccine. Didn't want to throw a baseball for a week, but that's it for side effects. Oh yeah, the only other side effect: despite masking and vaccines, 4 hogs at work refused to get vaccinated and most likely gave me the virius, so I tested positive after all my muscles feeling like a trialthon and a cough that damn near made me pass-out for 2-3 days. NO FEVER?? Tested positive, had an inhalter, spend 10 days in isolation in May and here I am, good to go. Complained to PCP about getting a "break-thru case", but she said "SO WHAT" - did you get hooked up to a ventilator or are you in a pine box 6 feet under? Uh, that would be a no to both, so she basically said 'shut-up' you'll live, minor effects, lose your two weeks of vacation from work, but that's all the worse that it was. Son had Johnson & Johnson will no ill effcts. Here to talk about it; felt so relieved that the black cloud circling me for a year was finally under MY control. Ask your doctor and get it before the Delta variant hits more people.
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I got the Pfizer vaccine and hope a booster is available soon. I’ve been NED since 2013 but still have post chemo and radiation gifts that keep giving but I didn’t twice about getting the vaccine. I’ve suffered enough. Did not want Covid. Thus far, other than muscle discomfort for 24 hrs after first dose, no known side effects
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I'm 3 years out and have gotten both Pfizer vaccines, as has my husband. We are both doing well.
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Rosemary, I did get both moderna as soon as I could little side effects just tired ans sore arm for a short time
Thank you. I hope you are doing well.
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Vaginal stenosis

Ok y’all I never did anything to combat vaginal stenosis(it’s been 7 years since treatment), but now I’m considering doing something about it. Is it too late?

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Laura sent you a hug.
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No it is not. I had PT about 4 years ago and I am almost 11 years out of treatment. It was somewhat successful. I had a very good physical therapist who made an uncomfortable situation as comfortable as possible. Good luck!
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What do the physical therapists do to help the situation?
Wow. Can I ask how you find the right PT?
My gynecologist recommended her.
External and internal massage. Lots of scar tissue internally. She made an uncomfortable situation bearable.
Thank you so much!
Good to see you, Happy 7 years too! I'm no help with your question, but hopefully you will get lots of input! X
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I think it’s worth trying PT for sure. I’ve been working on this for over 3.5 years and it’s been a journey but much improvement.
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Try to find a physical therapist who has experience in treating pelvic floor issues.
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Thank you. Have you heard of many people having surgery for this?
No, I haven't.
I was referred to a pelvic floor PT who evaluated my stenosis and showed me several sets of vaginal dilators so I'd know the feel of each option. There's a wide range of materials used and some are more flexible and comfortable than others. I elected to use the Intimate Rose ones and as my stenosis wasn't too bad, started in the middle of the range. You also need to understand your goals - just having a pain free vaginal exam, sex with a known partner of a certain size, etc. With the Intimate Rose set of 8 dilators, most men are in the 6-7 size category, and that's as far as I took it. Pelvic exams have been okay and no longer painful. Good luck to you.
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I feel the chemo did weaken organs in my body.

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